Chapter History

The Malibu Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution was founded in 1991 and took its name from the City of Malibu, California, which spans 27 miles of coastline just north and west of Los Angeles. “Malibu” is from the Chumash word “Humaliwo” (huMALeewo) meaning “where the surf sounds loudly.”

By the late 1700s, when our ancestors were engaged in revolution on the east coast of America, the historic Rancho Topanga Sequit and neighboring Chumash Indian settlements coexisted along the Pacific coast of Humaliwo. From these roots, the City of Malibu is now home to the Getty Villa; Pepperdine University; often-filmed Surfrider Beach; famed Malibu Colony, home to movie folks since the 1920s; and the Adamson House, a registered California landmark and designated National Historic Site.